28 Sep 2012

Chaos Space Marines - Showcase and sale continued

Further to my previous post I will continue to showcase the dispersal of my chaos models.. they are all listed on ebay and for sale without reserve. (the decision made so I can go on funding other things)
I will add the link to the auctions again.. simply click here
Anyway.. the pics. I will start by adding some nurgle themed models. I already sold a heap of my nurgle models, sold some last year and some a couple weeks ago so theres not a huge amount left (I had a huge nurgle section)
1st up is Typhus and his terminator bodyguards. Stunning minis painted by a friend of mine Alex Gould. He still commission paints if anyone is interested

Next are the 2 combat units of nurgle themed chaos space marines. again painted by alex. stunning units.

Next is a highly converted chaos rhino tank. very authentic nurgle themed tank. looks great. the guy went to town on this one (I picked this one up on ebay, chosen as it fits with the previous models so well.) slight damage on a tip of a tenticle coming out of the hull

Next up I have a heap of death guard maines. 5 squads of 5. obviously they can be fielded in different numbers but for ebay I have listed them in 5s. These were painted by another friend Jake Hart. He also does commissions

Jake also painted me a Epidemius model. (this one again metal cast ofcourse :)) great model

 Lastly for the nurgle stuff I added a nurgle aspiring champion. I have always liked this model. heavily converted, it looks awsome in person. shame to see it go. but will be a cool little centre piece for some1s army :)

Now I want to add a favourite of mine. Be' Lakor. The model itself is awesome, and the paint job just makes him. mounted on a stane plinth and scenic base finishes him off a treat. a truely stunning model.


Chaos Space Marines - Its time to part ways with my all time collection - EBAY :)

Hi. Its been a while since I last posted any pics or news on here. Apolagies for that. I have been busy with work and ebay... and to be honest things slipped and this got very neglected.

I recently decided it was time I dispersed my chaos army. I have collected this army over many years and laterly they have spent alot of time on a shelf barely even getting recognition. which is a massive shame as these are awesome models. some really sweet work and they need a better home :). So with the new codex and model releases i thought this would be as good of a time as any.. and I couldnt sell my all time favourite models without posting the pics here!

You can find my ebay auctions by clicking here I will have a heap of chaos on there for sale.. and other minis there after :)

So without further blurb from me.. heres some pictures. and more posts to follow

I will start with a large tzeentch section of the collection.. The first few pics are the Forgeworld thousand sons dreadnoughts. 2 here. armed slightly differently. absolutely stunning paint jobs! two of my favourite models!

Next up is the possessed style tanks. painted to match the tzeentch theme. One predator needs a slight touch up on a tenticle, other than that these are stunning tanks and ready for battle. there are 3 predators and 2 rhinos

next up are three stunning painted sorcerers in the same tzeentch style. I love the colours on these. its really hard to achieve that look. all metal cast models underneath the paint ofcourse :)

next are two squads of 8 thousand sons marines. all metal cast minis again. some are fully metal and some are partly plastic kits. (different editions) but stunning units im sure you will agree

These next few pictures are a stunning unit of thousand sons. I got these on ebay about 4 years ago. they were converted and painted by a fella that was painting minis for the white dwarf magazines at the time. and i couldnt resist these models. paid alot of money for them but it was worth it. The first pic is the sorerer lord in termi armour and the converted grey knight termis are the terminator body guards or retinue as they were listed before. I have them listed on ebay seperately in five lots. but they do make up a stunning unit

last up for this post are some lesser daemons of tzeentch. got some flamers and a couple bunches of pink horrors. all matching the theme so far. again very well done.